Parakeet Snacks App Reviews

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Not worth it

Although they do look good, it's not worth $5 for 20 some regular, non animated stickers. Definitely wait till the dev adds more stickers. Definitely feel like I got taken.

Amazing art

...- for victory. Fantastic sticker set for iMessage. The cocktail stickers are particularly impressive (and the dole whip ain't no slouch either!).

Beautiful Artwork

The attention to detail and the style of these icons is on another level from most of the packs out there. I want to eat/ drink every single one! Well worth the price if you appreciate artistry and craft.

Updated with 5 new stickers!

This app still isn't worth five bucks for the small amount of stickers you get. [Previously: The handful of images you see in the couple of screenshots is literally all you get. The developer claims more are coming. In the meantime, $5 seems like a lot to pay for a couple dozen stickers. 😐]

No pizza?

Headline says it all. Also, all sticker packs should be required by Apple to tell you how many stickers are in the pack. Not much here.

Expensive for such a limited set

But beautiful though. Once more stickers are added, this will be well worth it. Pizza and hamburgers please!!

I love these designers...

Probably the best food sticker pack I've seen. I have been following these designers for a long time and am really glad I can support them. My only issue? No bread sticker! ☹️ Anyways. Love the pack. Keep it coming!

Terrific quality but not many stickers (yet?)

I was expecting a LOT of food images for the price. I was surprised there were only 32. Only taking off one star for now because the image quality is fantastic and am hopeful more will be added. Also, really surprised there aren't any pretzels considering the icon. I was expecting a lot more actual "snacks" and not fruit, breakfast foods, pies and sandwiches. You know, popcorn, chips, Pringles, Doritos, Cheetos, Goldfish crackers, animal crackers, Oreos, etc...

Beautiful art, a bit limited set

These are really nice. I've followed Parakeet's work for some time and really happy to see stickers made from their food illustrations. Only complaint - a minor one - is that the set is a little limited, not including some pretty common things like a hot dog or hamburger, which I'd rather have than star fruit...but then I'm an American.

Talent artists, looking forward to more

Louie and Alexa of Parakeet are two really fantastic artists. I love the detail of these stickers- they're just beautiful. The sticker pack is kind of small for the price, but supporting them and their work is worth it. Really looking forward to seeing more from them.

Best Sticker Pack Ever

Before this sticker pack I was hangry. After, I'm still hangry but at least I have a way to communicate solutions to my frustration. 🍤🍦🌽

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